Помоћ породици

Невладина организација - основана 1993

"I got a talent too" - gifted children with disabilities in Serbia

We decided to help talented children with disabilities to assert their ability to demonstrate to themselves and to us that often they can be better than most of its peers.
We have shown that in life, things are not black and white- there is a lot of colors. Let's bring color to the world of children with disabilities. There are issues around inclusion and realization of human rights ... problems with education and rehabilitation, parenting ...

We know talented or gifted children and youth. They exhibit talent in various fields.
Likewise, there are children with disabilities. Disability is in the development of the senses, physical disability or something else.

Have you thought about the fact that there are gifted children and youth with disabilities?

Often, because we are preoccupied with what a child with disabilities cant do, we are not able to see what the kid CAN DO. Gifted children with disabilities are exist, but there are virtually invisible. More